Workshop "Promotion of Data Papers for an Open Science" @ ERCOFTAC 2023

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ENSEEIHT - 2 rue Camichel - BP 7122 31071 Toulouse Cedex 7

Workshop in association with the ERCOFTAC 2023 International Symposium

Call for papers


Motivation and expected contributions

This workshop is a special session of the ERCOFTAC 2023 (European Research Community on Flow Turbulence and Combustion) symposium. It aims at providing support to the writing of data papers in any scientific domain. Authors willing to communicate at the workshop are invited to submit  a paper that will be a draft for a future data paper. This draft will shortly present their datasets. Authors of published data papers can also shortly present them and provide feed-back on their experience. Authors of papers accepted to the ERCOFTAC 2023 symposium whose research involves either the reuse, the production or the sharing of scientific data or datasets are warmly invited to submit too.

Outline of the workshop

. Keynote  by Victor Gay (Toulouse School of Economics, Université Toulouse Caîtole) : Data papers as a tool to advent the reproducibility crisis

. Presentations of the selected papers.

  Question/ answer time about how to turn a draft into a full data paper, with guidance on writing data papers.

Submission process

Deadline: May 22

Submission web site:

Paper format: Submissions should follow the format of the conference and should be at most 3 pages long.

The outline of the submitted draft could contain the basic sections expected in a data paper or explain how this information will be made available in a final data paper:

    . describe a dataset (and its metadata)

    . demonstrate the quality of the data, the way it was collected, cleaned and processed

    . demonstrate the originality and the scope of the dataset, explain how it could be reused in future reseach 

    . explain how and under which conditions the dataset can be accessed, and made accessible.

    . explain the difficulty you face when writing a data paper

    . propose one or several journals where this data paper could be submitted


Practical Information

The session dedicated to data papers will take place on 9th June at of the Engineering School ENSEEIHT, 2 rue Camichel Toulouse.

. The morning keynote will be given at 8:15 in the amphitheater B00

. The session will continue from 9:00 to 13:00 in the Theses defense amphitheater of ENSEEIHT


Readings to know more about data papers

   Traditional scientific papers and scientific datapapers are closely related and complementary, each of them having its own purpose and referencing to the other: when the scientific paper reports how new scientific hypotheses emerge, are validated and produce findings in a domain, the related data paper explains how the data were used and generated were collected, validated, structured in datasets, stored and how they can be accessed and under which legal conditions, etc...

Jiao, C,  Darch, PT.  The role of the data paper in scholarly communication. Proc Assoc Inf Sci Technol.  2020; 57:e316.

An example of full data paper in  social science :

An example of datapaper in aerodynamics:


Organization and program committee  (to be confirmed)

This workshop is a joint initiative of ERCOFTAC and the DataNooS working group about the promotion of Open Science in Toulouse

. Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles (CNRS and IRIT)

. Marianna Braza (INPT and IMFT)

. Pascal Dayre (INPT and IRIT)

. Victor Gay (TSE, Univ. Toulouse 1 and AIST)

. Yannick Hoarau (UNISTRA)

. Thierry Louge (CALMIP)

. Michelle Sibilla (Univ. Toulouse 3 and IRIT)

. Cassia Trojahn (Univ Toulouse 2 and IRIT)