data Noosphere

How do we think and generate new knowledge from digital resources?

The first reflections of dataNooS concern the sharing and cross-referencing of Research data, the convergence of Data/Calculation/Content resources and knowledge practices mixing multidisciplinary approaches (Human and Social Sciences, Ethics and Law, Economics, Data Science, business processes, ...).

The alliance favours the interdisciplinary co-construction of a NooSphere(1) data to grasp problems, share expertise and know-how, and enrich a digital agora of solutions and practices, oriented towards innovation.

The alliance brings its members together in a participatory and transdisciplinary approach to data and knowledge enhancement, namely: a Workshop / Use Case / Plenary cycle enables them to pool issues, share data, co-design know-how and develop solutions within the dataCore center of expertise, meet specific Training needs and develop Projects in partnership.

dataNooS also takes into account the different (inter)disciplinary (and federative) initiatives within the University of Toulouse, the economic network of the Occitanie Region and the national, European and international dynamics, by raising awareness, participating, interacting or relaying their actions in the field.


Aperçu de la démarche méthodologique
Schematic representation of the NooSphere data



1: The noosphere, according to the thought of Vladimir Vernadsky and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, refers to the "sphere of human thought", both all the consciousness of humanity and all its capacity to think.