Data sharing and cross-referencing

Data are both a source of knowledge and progress, a means of fulfilling major public missions and a lever for economic growth.

The objectives of dataNooS are to animate a transdisciplinary academic reflection on digital resources [1] and knowledge practices [2] and to promote their sharing and openness in the framework of Open Science.

Collecting, comparing and sharing laboratory experiences related to the production, management and valorisation of research data are approached in a transdisciplinary way and in coherence with national and disciplinary initiatives. We identify and study issues related to the current digital transition, combining Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, knowledge practices and ethics.

Through its reflections, the alliance brings an ambition to the regional academic fabric to undertake through an interdisciplinary approach actions aiming at :

  1. associate all actors (producers and users of data or knowledge),
  2. reintegrate the Human being in the processes
  3. and ensure a trustworthy flow of data streams.

In this way, it wishes to contribute to the control of impacts on society, the economy, the environment and citizens.

1] By digital resources, we mean data, data capture/simulation platforms, calculation and storage platforms, processing, analysis and visualization tools

2] Knowledge practices are < TO BE COMPLETED>.