dataCore: Centre for Transdisciplinary Expertise

From data to Knowledge transdiciplinary

How to facilitate regulated access to data?

How to enrich your business process with external resources (data, content, calculations, knowledge models, learning and usage models, etc.)?

Numerous questions about data are raised for research personnel, whether they are researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, post-doctoral students, doctoral students, all disciplines combined.

The objective shared by the multidisciplinary members who make up this centre is the study of a meta-infrastructure for :

  • Accompany the opening and sharing of data
  • Ensuring FAIR data
  • Facilitating the cross-referencing of multiple data sources
  • Prepare data for analysis and AI

The centre carries out three types of action:

  • Collecting / restoring information based on monitoring, state of the art, adoption of recommendations, contributions, evolution of practices.
  • Impulse Proof of Concept/Demonstrators
  • Capitalising and integrating the results of research and experiences from Use Cases

Take a look at the resulting digital agora :

// announcement of the plan on the Search Data tab

  • Data Management Plans (DMPs)
  • Resource Catalogues and Repositories
  • Towards a digital agora of digital resource exchanges for an Open Science ecosystem