Who are we ?

dataNooS is an academic alliance bringing together researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, post-doctoral students, PhD/Master/Licence students around digital resource sharing [1] and knowledge practices [2].

Discover the objectives of the alliance regarding data sharing and cross-referencing and the challenges raised by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Open Science.

We also are one of the expertise plateforms of MSHS-T (Maison des Sciences Humaines et de la Société de Toulouse) dedicated to research activities contributing to promote digital resources and data used and produced by the scientific community in Toulouse area.

Our commitments have led us to create a transdisciplinary data noosphere that encourages the meeting of expertise and the production of knowledge from digital resources, and to co-construct a digital agora that meets the needs of sharing these resources and their derivatives.

Today, more than 120 subscribers from some thirty entities (units/laboratories, federations) are part of this data noosphere, led by a steering committee.

Consult the Research Data section in which we share our knowledge about resources and practices.

Find all the activities of the alliance in the News section.

Do not hesitate to contact us and join us.

1] By digital resources, we mean data, data capture/simulation platforms, computing and storage platforms, processing, analysis and visualization tools.
2] The practices of knowledge are < TO BE COMPLETED>.